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November 2011 Archives

Take quadruplets — that would be twins squared. Four happy babies. Add one loving, silly daddy. A daddy who knows just what it takes to get all four toddlers laughing.  (Poor Mommy!)  

For no other reason than to brighten up your day, here is a random goose parade. Complete with drum major. It seems that every Saturday at 8 a.m., the citizens of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, are treated to this feathered spectacle. […]

Ok, where did that hamster go? Tom Tom the kitten distinctly remembers seeing that obnoxious rodent rolling around in here somewhere.

Getting a little brother is a rare gift — somebody to grow up with, to be a role model for, to teach how to look out for himself. Not everybody has a little brother — a lifelong best friend, particularly […]

Now you know why you shelled out the big bucks for that touch-screen smart tablet. To entertain your cat! As you can see from this video, sure there are lots of games for kids — Mario, skiing penguins, talking T-Rexes […]

Rescue workers feared the worst when they surveyed this Los Angeles accident. A small car was seemingly flattened by a semi-truck full of steel. How could the driver have survived? Watch and be amazed. Miracle – The funniest movie is […]

This tale has twists and turns that are almost too hard to follow. It seems a dog named Hunter flunked out of a police-training course teaching canines to save children. He was put up for adoption and Reyna Zurita took […]

So, you intend to stuff yourself at your Thanksgiving Day feast? After all, it’s a tradition, right? Well, there’s probably no point in talking you out of it — not with the smell of roasting turkey wafting in from the […]

You’d like to be generous, but don’t have any money. You’d love to save the children in Mexico, build a school in India, drill water wells in Ethiopia, sponsor a widow in Sri Lanka or put shoes on all the […]

It seems mom wasn’t feeling all that great and let her 1-year-old and his 3-year-old brother out of her sight for a few seconds. She steps out of the bathroom and finds that the pair have discovered what fun a […]