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Mowing can be monotonous for artist Jon Huckeby, says KNWA-TV in northwest Arkansas. So he has applied his talents  his chores.

The result: lawn art.

“A Siloam Springs man has found a way to spice things up,” reports KNWA’s Tom Yazwinski. “Picasso is to painting as Jon Huckeby is to lawn mowing.

“Jon is an artist at DaySpring in Siloam Springs. One fall day, he decided to take his work home with him and do something artistic around the house.”

DaySpring is a Christian greeting card company.

Huckeby told Yazwinski:

“I think just on a whim I decided to carve the word ‘NOEL’ in the grass because I knew Christmas was coming. That’s when it start.

“It looked really good. The kids liked it. Neighbors got a kick out of it. So, I thought, I’m gonna keep doing that. That’s kind of fun.”

That was three years ago. To date, Jon has “lawnscaped” a number of designs.

“Right now he is being inspired by Mother Nature and the drought,” says Yazwinski. “For Jon, this takes the monotony out of mowing.”

“This is just something creative that makes mowing fun. Mowing is kind of hot and boring so this makes it worth doing.”

According to the TV station, Jon’s neighbor kids love his lawnscaping so much they will sit and watch each time he has a new creation.

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