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Hirotada Ototake, a Japanese sportswriter, threw out the first pitch at a Seibu-Rakuten game. It’s something many young boys dream about but for Otto (his playful nickname) it seemed like an impossible dream, not to throw out the first pitch at a pro game, just to throw a ball at all. He was born with no arms or legs due to an extremely rare genetic disorder called tetra-amelia syndrome. He’s never let it keep him down, in fact, his condition inspired him to write a memoir called “No One’s Perfect” that went on to be one of the best selling books of all time in Japan.

He then decided to become a teacher so that he could teach children about morality and the importance of accepting and embracing our differences, something he thought was much needed in his beloved country.

He has said that his dream is to create a peaceful world. “If my competence and character could bring me even one little step closer to this goal, I would be very happy and find meaning in having been born into this world.” It’s human nature to focus on what we can’t do but people like Ototake are a wonderful reminder that there is no such thing as can’t.


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