Second close-up of pictureI don’t know anyone who likes their constant life with pain. Given a choice, I’m sure most of us (if not all) would opt for relief – swift relief – from the aches, jabs, and jolts that punctuate our day and often cloud our ability to enjoy life’s more pleasurable pleasures.

But, as Christians, we are called to be grateful. Grateful for the many gifts God has given us. Grateful for now. And if now is painful, well, I suppose we need to embrace that, too. Yes, all of our life, even the pain. Yes, I know well that embracing pain might bring on more of it. Sort of like opening our doors and homes to one stray cat invites others. Soon we’re fur-ther (pun intended) into cats and farther from a peaceable residence!

Digression aside…

Perhaps it would make more sense for us to not look up on pain as something we like or dislike, embrace or repel. Perhaps instead, we can view it as another state of life that God gives us to show us something, give us wisdom, or even help us recognize that He is supreme. Perhaps we can look beyond the pain, to something larger and outside ourselves. To the overall journey that God has set each one of us on. And in recognizing that journey, we can begin to see other aspects of our lives that do not have associated pain. We can see the love that surrounds us. The ways in which we make a difference to others, and they to us. We can begin to look outside and see God’s wonderful creation – and enjoy it. We can feel a soft carpet beneath our feet, or the brush of a breeze.

As I type this, I am in severe pain. But my joy at being able to convey even a little of the gratitude I feel for God’s presence in my life is motivation enough to keep going to the end of this post. The pain will still be with me when I finish. But in the midst of it, I will have done something I love for people I care about, including you. And in doing that, what’s not to like?



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