Second close-up of pictureMy heart goes out to everyone affected by the recent earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador. I remember well the awful feeling of violent upheaval that came with the first shock of the Northridge earthquake, and know that the next days and months will be full of challenges, pain, and grief.

We might feel helpless, so many miles away and safe in our own worlds of work, family, and stable homes. But we’re not completely isolated from those who are at ground zero for these most recent disasters. We are linked to them through our faith and unity in God – and we can be with them, if not physically, certainly in prayer and thought.

Children, the infirm and those living with chronic pain and illnesses are going to be particularly vulnerable in the aftermath (and aftershocks) of the tremors in Japan and Ecuador. I’ll be lifting up prayers for all, but especially for these more fragile lives, as well as those who have been injured. May they know that they are all loved, cherished by God, and remembered by us. And may our strength and safety travel through the miles to encourage them.

No prayer is useless, no uplifting thought idle. Sending these and more to all who suffer!



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