Smaller book cover Dont PanicI am very excited about the launch of my upcoming book, Don’t Panic!: How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough (available for pre-order now on! It’s my hope and prayer that the book will help many people, offering ways to develop stronger, more resilient inner spirits and outer stress-relieving techniques so that, when the inevitable crisis occurs, there can be greater calm and much less (or no) panic in the face of them.

And, oh, how this relates to life with chronic illness! Especially when with wave upon wave of symptoms, and flare upon flare of the underlying disease, we might become utterly frustrated and throw up our hands.

Why not panic? is a thought that can take firm hold at that time. And it might even make its way from thought to action, giving us less of a firm foundation upon which to tackle our latest problems.

But, as I detail in Don’t Panic!…, as tempting or easy as it might seem to give into the feeling of utter hopelessness, we are indeed made of stronger stuff than that. And it is this strength that we need to use to lift our lives in turmoil up to God, to seek good strength from Our Lord at times when we believe we ourselves don’t have enough of it.

Yes, we might think, in our humanness, “Why not panic?”

But we’re more than “mere” humans. We are children of God. And as children, beloved and cherished, we can – we must – turn to our Father – and strength will flow into us like a torrent and make it more easy to flow through any crisis.

Joy and peace,


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