Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Second close-up of pictureLiving with a chronic illness is one of the most profound ways to walk closely with Jesus Christ. During Lent, when we contemplate our lives and this season of turning back to the Lord, it is fitting to think of the pain and other health challenges we endure as further proof of the honor we have to live as we do. Those who do not bear this burden might look upon us with pity, think we are “out of touch” with the world, or even wish to marginalize us. But we know better, and we are better.

As children of God, we have a purpose. As people with health problems that color our every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment, we have experience that can inform our sense of that purpose and, if we allow it to, draw us ever closer to Christ crucified – and the promise fulfilled of the Resurrection.

Yes, at any moment God can relieve us of our illness, cure us of our affliction. But if we wait around for that to happen, we are missing the shining jewel of a gift that is here, now. It is the gift of a journey like no other, and it is the gift of an honor and privilege – to endure pain, to lift it up to heaven, and to feel, in return, incredible, deep love from One who knows.

This Lent, live as if your life is a a very precious honor.

Because it is.