Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Photo courtesy of posterize/

Photo courtesy of posterize/

It’s Heart Health month, and no time like the present to think about being good to your heart, inside and out. Of course, we know the usual things: Having regular check-ups, knowing the signs of a heart attack or stroke, eating healthfully, not smoking, exercising regularly (with our doctors’ advice and guidance). But these things can become so “usual” that we might forget why we’re doing them. And when we lose motivation to pursue good heart health, we might risk dropping good habits, which can be tough to commit to in a busy and sedentary world.

So, this brief post is meant to remind us of why it’s important to be good to our hearts.

Our hearts are mechanical marvels, muscles that pump whether we are awake or asleep. Helping them be as healthful as possible means that we are also helping ourselves live, breathe, and be at our best.

Our hearts are the driving physical force to enable us to achieve our goals, reach and stretch, do and dream.

Our hearts give us the energy and vitality to be able to engage in prayer and help others, to endure what we thought we could not and to rise above adversity.

Our hearts are a precious gift from God. They are amazing. And the more we are good to them, the more we will be able to do!

Joy and peace,


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