CrecheforblogSometimes, the brightest of Christmas celebrations is followed by a feeling of letdown, a hollow sensation that something is missing after all the festivities, gifts, and socializing. And if you live with a chronic, serious illness, you might feel this and dread – even with all of the readings and songs about God’s love and comfort, you are still sick, still suffering.

I find myself sometimes a bit melancholy after Christmas. The decorations go down or, even if they don’t, their presence still seems to remind me of what was, the holiday that is in the past. But, now when I look at the chreche.

When I see the creche, I am filled again with awe and wonder of the simple story that began and the amazingly grand story that unfolded. I am heartened that Christ remains and prayer and praise are daily, not just once a year. The creche reminds me of the others in the Christmas story – we’re never alone when we consider the shepherds, journey with the magi, and rest quietly and softly beside the manger.

Even when all decorations are put away, the creche remains in my heart, the best present for times when, during the rest of the year, Christmas seems so far away and other painful feelings mar the simplicity of Bethlehem.

If you feel a little hollow after Christmas, keep the creche close. revisit with Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the others who were there and who still are in our faith. Pray that a prominent place for that creche will be made in your heart and that it will be filled, not void, with hope, encouragement, and love.

Peace, Maureen

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