Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Second close-up of pictureLast week, I had a horrible time with a very debilitating migraine. Those of you who suffer from these awful things will understand how, in the initial onslaught, we might be taken aback – and feel fear. How long will it last? Will my “usual” meds work? What will the after effects be?

Yes, even as we’re fending off the external triggers that might make our symptoms work (noises, light, etc.), we are also fending off, however feebly, the fears that also tend to creep in – a productive thing to do so that we can feel some degree of hope that God is holding us up and will bring us through this episode, too.

Fortunately, with lots of prayer, tlc, rest, and encouragement from friends, I was able to fend off fears and the migraine. (We should never feel as if we have to do this alone.) And today, on the week anniversary of the initial event, I have to smile. My page-a-day calendar tells me that this is Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month (news to me!). And there is actually a name – arachibutyrophobia – for the fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth!

Whether healthy or ill, with migraine or free of it, there will always be fears that come to our attention, pop up in our minds, or encounter us in the pages of a newspaper or calendar. And, whether healthy or ill, we can use our coping skills to fend them off. I will assuredly enjoy my peanut butter – without fear!

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