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The news media is ramping up for wall-to-wall coverage of Pope Francis’ visit to the United States, and it’s hard not to miss all the stories and pictures of preparations. But if you cannot be a physical pilgrim, visiting the cities and locations where Pope Francis will be, you might be feeling a little left out. But there is still a significant way you can participate – yes, you! Even if you are homebound and clear on the other side of the country!

You can follow Pope Francis in prayer.

A good start to familiarize yourself with what will be going on next week (and when) is to take a look at the Holy Father’s itinerary, as provided by the official Papal Visit website:  Official website for Pope Francis’ visit to the United States . Lift up a prayer sometime before the Pope’s arrival – for a safe landing and warm welcome. Pray as he settles into Washington, D.C., and then as he embarks on a very packed itinerary, including a visit to the White House, the Mass of Canonization for Junipero Serra, and a parade!

Continue praying for the Holy Father (and those traveling with him) as he leaves Washington and arrives in New York and Philadelphia. Pray for wisdom for all leaders at the United Nations, and for grace to settle on all as Pope Francis visits the 9/11 Memorial.

As you follow Pope Francis in prayer, include all pilgrims, nonbelievers, children, adults, clergy and religious – all who are part of this milestone, holy event.

And, pray for yourself, too, that the joy and compassion communicated throughout this papacy lift all, including you, and bring you deeper faith and love.

You don’t have to be physically present to pray, expecially not at this time. Your presence in prayer will be powerful, especially as it is entwined with that of the many others who will be praying throughout!


Joy and peace,

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