Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image courtesy of MaggieSmith/

Image courtesy of MaggieSmith/

On this Labor Day, I’d like to lift up heartfelt thanks to all the healthcare workers who give their knowledge, time, and care to help me and many others who live with complicated, often frustrating, and ongoing health issues. I know how hard it is to have an illness (more than one, actually) that cannot be cured, and I expect your emotions mirror mine many times when meds don’t work (or work in unexpectedly bad ways), flares bring new and confounding symptoms, and pain makes me less than an easy person to speak with! At those times, I appreciate your patience with this patient – and your wililngness to suggest one more thing, try one more thing, or do extra research into this or that other possibility.

If you, dear healthcare worker, are taking today off, I pray you get much rest and enjoyment out of your deserved time off.

If you are working today, know that I’m praying it will be an easy time, and that, even on the job, you’ll find refreshment and renewal.

Yes, you are appreciated! Happy Labor Day!


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