Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Streps for GDBDWhen we consider all of the things we must do each day, we might quickly become overwhelmed. Large tasks – doctor’s appointments, job interviews, school finals, for example – and smaller ones – grocery shopping, laundry, feeding the pets – can truly consume us sometimes. And, as we get that underwater feeling, we might neglect the things in our lives that we love to nurture – relationships, a garden, or even our appearance (manicure, anyone?).

Today, take a little bit of time out from your busy schedule to pay a little attention to those things you nurture and grow, the things that bring light and warmth into your life, the things you love. Even the slightest bit of attention – a quick phone call, a splash of water, a moment of silence – can cause new growth to spring up.

And we will be glad we did!



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