Maureen Pratt Author PicLike many of you, my days begin with much of the same routine, mostly involving health activity. Stretching, medications, setting up for the day ahead (sun protective clothing or not?) – it can feel as if each day begins with the same old thing. Which is why, every so often, I try to “mix it up” enough so that, even if I’m going to be homebound, there is enough variety to keep a spark of interest moving ahead into the hours to come.

Some of the things I try to do are:

Vary the sounds of the new day. Music, silence, and other additions can make a big difference!

Alter the order of things. If the left shoe always comes before the right shoe, try to reverse it next time.

Pray differently. My day always begins with prayer, but I don’t always pray the same words or in the same manner.

Cook up something different for breakfast. Even our tastebuds can get bored! So, I try to vary my diet sometimes, especially adding whatever fresh foods are in season.

There are other things that can freshen up our daily routine. And each time we do something new, we are making our day more interesting, which helps us look upon our lives in a very refreshing way!



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