Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Photo courtesy of Grant Cochrane/

Photo courtesy of Grant Cochrane/

Wait! Wait! I’ve got it…uh…it’s…I’ve got it…Oh, no I don’t!

If you have an illness where there is a component of brain fog (as with lupus and many other autoimmune illnesses), you’ve probably had the experience of trying to remember the words or melody to a song and come up short. We all have favorite music, but when illness flares, recall can be tough (good thing for CDs and MP3s!)

But rather than get frustrated, there’s another way to approach musical memory mayhem. Compose something yourself! Yes, make up your own words and tune, fitting them into how you’re feeling and what you’re doing – or not, because the choice is yours!

Pretend that you cannot speak, but only sing, and let your voice express yourself to the four walls of your room or inside your car or, even, to whomever is in your life and willl listen! Punctuate your vocal variety with hand claps or foot stomps or even improvised dance. Again, the choice is completely up to you – no critic will review you, no audience will boo you!

Some research has shown that singing and music can be very therapeutic. We can all use an expression for our creativity, that wonderful, rollicking gift that God has only and exclusively bestowed on his human children. Why not compose yourself today? Let your song rise and with it, your spirit, too!



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