Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image courtesy of Franky242/

Image courtesy of Franky242/

Is your prayer time over before you know it? Gone through the list and all finished?

Sometimes, we get into a routine (yes, routines can be good, but…) and over time, our prayer life can become a bit too easy.

If you find that you’re just naming names and moving on, or rushing through the same-worded prayers each morning and evening, without giving deep thought to their deep meaning, take time to pause. Reflect. Maybe, for a few days, limit your petitions to three things and spend all of your time praying over them (rather than that laundry list of pleas). Or, force yourself to spend one of your prayer sessions in total silence – no words coming from you, but rather training your ears to listen to that small whisper inside that is Spirit, God.

Yes, prayer is wonderful. But like many of the things we do on a regular basis, we might find that it becomes too easy and too regular. If you notice this in your life, it’s okay. Just find ways to bring your prayer back from ordinary to, once again, extraordinary!



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