Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image courtesy of SiraAnamwong/

Image courtesy of SiraAnamwong/

I don’t think any of us enjoys the physical pain and other hurt that chronic illness brings. In fact, at times, we might absolutely detest it, wishing we were anyone other than the broken body that plagues us with constant grief.  Yet, to me, wishing it is a superfluous point: We already are other than broken, other than defeated.

As we see on Good Friday, and every day, we are whole. We are saved. Jesus already suffered and died for us, he already endured horrors so that we do not.

Jesus walked to Calvary, each painful step, so that, in the end, there would be no end, but only everlasting light and life for us – salvation that transcends all suffering on this earth.

Today, revisit that walk to Calvary, and with each painful step, understand that what awaits is not more pain, but great joy. Leave worry and doubt along the way, so that at the foot of the Cross, there is only relief and love for the Savior who gave His all for you, for me, and for generations to come.

Walk the walk with Jesus. Find joy.


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