Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Maureen Pratt Author PicLong days of illness can wear on us, and often make us feel as if we are navigating choppy waters in a leaky boat all by ourselves. How well I know the feeling when I’m especially ill of the hours dragging on, thinking that everyone else is out in the world, busy, being productive, while I’m confined and my most immediate goal is to manage to take all of my meds at the right time and in the right combination!

But, for me, those times do not last for long. Oh, the flare or the illness might continue, sometimes for weeks or months. But the feeling of being on my own doesn’t last if I keep in mind those who are by my side all the way, in heart and soul, if not physically.

God is present at all times, and if I imagine Him standing beside me, I feel a surge of strength and comfort.

Friends are only a call or an email away, and just that knowledge eases any sense of loneliness.

Doctors, pharmacists, and others, directly or indirectly accompany me through the ups and downs of lupus and infections, and the confidence I have in them is powerfully supportive when the pain is especially bad or other symptoms hurt.

If you think of the support that you have, the people and the Spirit by your side, you can chase away much of the loneliness you may feel, especially at the hardest moments, when it seems like everyone “has a life” but you.

Truly, you are not alone! Invite those by your side to come in closer – and feel their encouragement and love.



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