Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Maureen Pratt Author PicFor many people, this winter has been brutal. Snow, ice, and, especially, frigid temperatures. Many people have been without power, help to clear mountains of snow, and low on food and other supplies.

As we think about spring, we think about warmth – inside and out. And one of the ways we can start to “thaw out” is to dust off the bright, sunny core of our character and let it start to motivate us toward a beautiful time ahead.

Yes, perhaps being cooped up indoors has cut you off from friends or neighbors. Thaw out – reach out!

Maybe you started but did not finish one or more indoor projects, even beloved work on hobbies, because lethargy set in. Thaw out – work out!

And maybe you became spiritually discouraged as the darker days and frigid nights held nothing but the same old, same old for what seemed like and eternity. Thaw out – praise out!

Spring is coming, and so is the spring thaw! And you can get it started even earlier, right there in your own heart and home!

Joy and peace,


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