Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image Courtesy of Boykung/

Image Courtesy of Boykung/

So many times, we go through the day without a clear focus. Not that we don’t understand what we should be doing, or the way to accomplish the tasks before us. Nor do I think that we speak in jibberish and make a mess out of things, instead of a neatly ordered “pile of work.” What I do mean is that we might be scattered in how we look at the world and where we find our place within it.

To feel more in sync with our purpose and more able to accomplish what God wants us to do, we often have to “focus our lens” more precisely.

The next time you watch your favorite movie or television program, pay attention to what you see and consider all of the options the cameraperson had in terms of where and how he or she focused the camera lens. A close-up could have been a wide shot. An aerial view could have been a side angle. A soft-focus could have been sharply defined.

We can look at our day’s activities in this way, too. Are we emphasizing something trivial to the detriment of something important? Are we focusing our lens in the opposite direction of where we should be looking?

Just some food for thought today…



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