Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image courtesy of graur codrin/

Image courtesy of graur codrin/

Today, we think of it as speaking in our regular tone and volume, but did you know that an archaic meaning for the word “aloud” is “singing with joy?”  For this post, I’d like to suspend our contemporary understanding of “aloud” and focus on the one meant ages and ages ago:

When we pray this week, let’s sing with joy!

Let’s extend our voices and the range of our prayers to embrace the world, even to the darkest corners. Let’s praise our God for His creation, His Son, and all of His many blessings.

Let’s extoll our God’s power and dominion over us and appreciate that, when we put ourselves in His supremely capable hands, we are protected and loved.

Yes, this week, let’s pray it along – Sing with joy!

And let that song fill our hearts every moment of our lives.



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