Image courtesy of bigjom/
Image courtesy of bigjom/

Here in Southern California, the awards season is winding down. For the past few months, a crescendo of award ceremonies, large and small, has built up to last  Sunday night’s festivities, and I think that, at least for now, all will be calmer for not having “And the winner is…” around every corner!

But, wait! There’s one more person who needs to be recognized!

You!  Yes, you!

If you work hard, live with chronic pain or illness, try your best to help others, strive to live a good life, and take and meet your responsibilities seriously – you deserve an award!

True, no one’s going to pop onto your front porch with fanfare and a statuette.  But, all too often, we don’t appreciate the stellar achievements made through daily living.

And, if we don’t appreciate them, we’ll soon feel weighed down and doubtful of our own, good, God-given worth!

So, today, appreciate the goodness inside of you and the remarkable things you do each day – for yourself and others in the world around you.

If you’re a parent, reflect on your hard and oh-so-important work and let gratitude overtake fatigue.

If you live with a chronic health condition, stop, rest, and appreciate the nurturing things you do to take care of your precious life, no matter how challenging your health is.

If you simply strive to do well at your job and live peaceably with others – today is your day, too.

The world can probably do without another big-budget movie or over-the-top gala.

But your world is dependent on you and your goodness and hard work.

Yes, today is your day!



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