Image courtesy of dexchao/
Image courtesy of dexchao/

What if all of your prayers today were of thanksgiving and appreciation? What if, instead of a laundry list of petitions or a few moments spent in distracted longing for relief, wealth, power, or just simple human understanding, you focused instead on all of the gifts you have been given and all of the bounty placed in the world by God?

We don’t live in a very thank-filled world. Oh, yes, we have plenty of outlets to express our thanks to people for gifts or thoughtfulness. Those cards can prompt a smile or, even, a tear, when given from the heart. But often, that’s where our gratitude rests. That’s where our appreciation ends – and we move on to the next thank-giving moment.

Today, however, I challenge us all to put aside everything else except gratitude in God. Gratitude for His power and might. Gratitude for our lives and world. Gratitude for the gift of His Son Jesus Christ.

Gratitude for our ability to pray, worship, and live in faith.

I have a feeling that if we sweep away our stilted gratitude with abundant thanks and appreciation, we will feel different. Uplifted. Cleansed. And clear-eyed enough to see even more things about which we can lift up a loud, hearty, “Thank you, God!”

Let’s go!


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