Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Maureen Pratt Author PicIf you are feeling completely snowed in by your illness and pain, it can be hard to think that you actually possess amazing gifts that are waiting for your to unpack and use – brilliantly!

But, as I mentioned last week,  each person in that upper room after Jesus’ death and resurrection, and each person mentioned by Paul in his iconic letter to the Romans (Romans 12:3-6), and each believer now have/has been given gifts of the Holy Spirit. No return receipt. No expiration date. They’re all yours and mine!

One of the best ways to be introduced to your gifts is to pray and reflect on what you think they are. What do you do well? What have others told is your greatest asset to them, your church family, your community. Read through Acts and Romans, asking God for discernment of pupose and possibility.

No matter your situation in life, you have been graced with gifts! And the world will be a far better place if you discover them, develop them, and use them for all good and His glory!



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