Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Photo courtesy of Gualberto107/

Photo courtesy of Gualberto107/

If you find that your prayer time has been overshadowed by concerns, wants, needs, and disappointments, you might need to go back.

Back? Where?

Back to when God answered your prayers, prayer, your prayer.


Think back to Christmas. Many times, after all the presents are opened and days have passed, those same “gotta have” gifts lie unused, forgotten, or, shudder, broken. Then, the next Christmas time, we once again tell loved ones what we want, get most or at least some of those things, and the same things happens all over again. So often, we forget the past Christmas and the gifts we received (and the love that came with them) because we’re so intent on thinking of next Christmas.

Remembering God’s promises fulfilled, His love, and His constancy helps us to center ourselves in gratitude, which in turn makes us more faith-filled, trusting, and true to our Christian walk. It also makes us better understand and appreciate just how awesome God is and how regularly He answers our prayers.

Return to that prayer answered. You’ll probably realize there isn’t just one, but many. Lift up a song of praise and thanks. And know that God will always give you what you need, when you most need it.

Then, from that brokenness of discarded and forgotten gifts, you’ll be able to move ahead, rejoicing and whole!



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