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Image courtesy of bigjom/

Image courtesy of bigjom/

“One more doctor visit” bringing you down?

Last week, I had two doc visits in one day, both of which were delayed and difficult. But, at the second one, a “God thing” happened –

An older woman, using a walker, sat down beside me in the waiting room. She was carefully and nicely dressed, but clearly worn and tired. After a few moments, she asked me,

“Have you been waiting long?”

“About forty-five minutes.”

She grimaced. “When was your appointment?

I sighed. “Forty-five minutes ago. The doctor is running late.”

The woman grimaced again, rearranged herself in the chair, and started to talk about how “This isn’t right.” “No doctor should make you wait that long.” “I can’t believe this…”

I was not thrilled with waiting, either, but complaining was not bound to speed things up. How to turn this situation around?

I prayed up. And looked down.

First, at my blue and white slip-on shoes. And then at my neighbors…very same, blue and white slip-on shoes!

I caught her eye. I smiled. I pointed down at her feet. She looked down, her grimace turning to a puzzled look. I pointed at my feet. She looked.

And she recognized the shoes and broke into a big grin.

“At least we both have excellent taste,” I said, smiling.

“Why, yes. Yes we do.”

And we began to talk about how comfortable the shoes are and other things – lighter and of light.

When the nurse called me into the inner office, my neighbor, still smiling, said, “God bless you.”

Today, TLC Tuesday, look for even the slimmest glimmer of light in a dark place. Fan that flame into true Light, until even the darkness cannot compete!

Blessings for the day,


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