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Image courtesy of worradmu/

Image courtesy of worradmu/

I am not a grandparent, nor are my grandparents living, but I delight in the joy of friends and others who have eased from parenthood to grandparenthood (and I smile at friends who cannot wait until they will become grandparents, too!)

It’s a unique and wonderful bond, the relationship between grandchild to grandparent, and one that can end all-too-soon, before the grandchild can fully grasp just how special and amazing the relationship has been. So, when I saw on my little desk calendar that today (September 7)  is Grandparents’ Day, I had to devote a blog post to the event.

No matter whether your grandparent(s) is/are still alive or have passed, no matter whether you are a grandparent or are eager to become one, this is an excellent day to reflect upon the love and legacy that is both treasure and testament to God’s abundant blessings. It’s also a good time to remember those gems of time and telling that we very nearly forget in the course of our busy lives.

What wisdom did your grandmother impart to you? What example of strength did your grandfather show? How has your heart opened up more with the arrival of each grandchild? How, if you are not a grandparent, do you find ways to share your experiences and wisdom with the next generation?

Thank you, Grandparents! May the Lord bring you bountiful blessings, sparkling joy, and comfort!



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