Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Maureen Pratt Author PicYou might not have rushed into a burning building, or swam out to rescue someone drowning in choppy surf. But you have gone into the proverbial lion’s den – and you are brave!

You live with chronic illness daily, pain is your constant companion. Your body betrays you often – you cannot do things you would like to do, and those that you can do sap your energy and challenge your spirit.

But, you move on. And more, you keep the faith!

With “sickness” often associated with “weakness,” it’s hard to think of an unhealthy person as being particularly filled with courage and acting bravely.  Certainly, we do not get medals for our activities, nor do we get our names engraved on shining silver trophies after a particularly difficult patch.

No, we don’t exactly get rewarded for living our lives with as much determination and drive as we can. But, I think that makes us all the more brave and our lives all the more rich.

For example, you know that when you can accomplish something, even a small thing, such as remembering to send a birthday card to a friend, or pray long and ardently for someone else, you have crossed the finish line after a long and hard race. When you get up in the morning and face the day with a smile, and bestow that smile on others, you have achieved triumph over tragedy. And when you gut out a difficult day, and you know that you’ve done your best, and you feel God comforting you and bringing His calm, well, you’ve made your own “personal best.”

For all the obstacles you move over and through, and for all the times when you praise God despite your pain – you are brave! And you show the world that faith fosters strength, and courage stems from it, too.

Yes, you are brave! Rejoice!

Blessings for the day,

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