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Usually, at some point late in a vacation, your thoughts turn back to home. In some cases, you are having such a good time away that the thought of returning there is unpleasant. But often, we look forward to getting back home…although we know that extra work awaits.

First, there is unpacking, laundry, sorting through the mail and messages piled up during our absence.

Next comes reconnecting with work, friends, and daily routines.

And, perhaps, if you have a chronic illness, there’s an “aftermath” associated with illness.  Higher cholesterol due to those late-night snacks. New aches and pains due to the physical rigors of travel. A few extra pounds gained.

How do we retain all the good from vacation and get on with our “regular” lives?

Slowly. Laundry will get done. Mail will get sorted. No need to rush and undo the good feeling from vacation.

Gradually. Weight cannot be lost overnight. Pain from exertion might take days to fade. Go easy on yourself and take things one day, one step at a time.

Calmly. If you left the frazzled feeling of pre-vacation behind as you were able to unwind while you were gone, hold that thought, keep that feeling. Pray for patience, peace, and calm to stay with you as your schedule picks up again.

Joyfully!  No doubt you have good memories that can bring smiles when, as you move through the rest of the year, illness flares or setbacks arise. These memories, and the warm feelings they bring, are gifts to you, yours to keep. Treasure them and rejoice that, even with the “bad,” God brings much good!

Blessings for the day,


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