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Advent Day 4: Do you hear what I hear?

Yes, there’s a Christmas song with those lyrics (one of my favorites, actually). And there’s also a potent and pertinent sentiment behind them.

As we rush through these Advent days, do we take time to enjoy the atmosphere, the sights and sounds of the season, together?

Do we take a moment to put an arm around a friend and breathe in the scent of cinnamon and pine needles and crisp air?

Do we lift our heads up from the work at hand and smile together at a whisp of Christmas to come in the form of a child eagerly helping with mixing batter or clumsily tying a bow?

As we wait for Christmas and prepare ourselves and our spirits, there is much about Advent that we can enjoy together. And in so doing, we can build fellowship and faith even more than if we were only going it alone.

Blessings for the day!Maureen

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