One of God’s true servants on earth, Billy Graham, was honored yesterday with the opening of a library and museum in Charlotte, North Carolina. The facility will hold memorabilia of Graham’s long preaching career, including photos and video footage of his evangelistic campaigns.

The three living former presidents attended the opening, all offering their praise for Graham:

… former President George Bush delivered the keynote address, his voice cracking into a sob as he said Mr. Graham was “the man, the preacher, the humble farmer’s son who changed the world.”

And while Graham is known more as a revival preacher than a social activist, he was one of the early pioneers in holding integrated meetings in the segregated South:

“He was constantly broadminded, forgiving, humble in his treatment of others,” Mr. Carter said. “He has reached out equally to all people, black or white, man or woman. I am one of the tens of millions of people whose spiritual lives have been shaped by Billy Graham.”

Billy, after all the laudatory speeches, had his usual humble response:

“I feel like I’ve been attending my own funeral, listening to all these speeches,” he said to the crowd’s nervous laughter. “I’ve been here at the library once, and my one comment when I toured it was that it is too much Billy Graham. My whole life has been to please the Lord and honor Jesus, not to see me and think of me.”

Billy Graham’s sincerity, integrity, and humility are very important reminders for the rest of us. I’d glad he is being honored in this way, and on my next trip to North Carolina I’ll be sure to visit the library.

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