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With much hard work and prayer – and despite frigid temperatures with rain and sleet – the Christian Peace Witness for Iraq was a moving and inspiring event. More than 3,000 people gathered at the Washington National Cathedral and then walked in a candlelight procession nearly four miles to Lafayette Park across from the White House, where more than 500 additional people (who had watched the service in an overflow location at the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church) joined them. While the main group of people continued walking around the White House with candles, more than 200 crossed Pennsylvania Avenue to pray on the sidewalk and were arrested.

An Associated Press story was printed in more than 200 publications around the country, and there was a good AP video, Christians pray, march for peace. Other news services included United Press International and Cox News. The Washington Post and National Public Radio ran pieces on Saturday morning. The New York Times included two sentences in a longer story about Saturday’s protest at the Pentagon. And the service was covered by CNN and Local News on Fox 5 in D.C. – thanks to Katie Barge of Faith in Public Life for YouTubing these! Watch them here:


Fox 5:

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