Jim WallisI want to welcome you to the first edition of “God’s Politics”–The Blog–a new project done in an exciting partnership between Sojourners and Beliefnet. The God’s Politics Blog will provide fresh conversation about faith, politics, and society–every day– from “Jim Wallis and friends.” We’ve assembled an extraordinary group of writers and voices to help with the God’s Politics Blog, including Brian McLaren, Amy Sullivan, Noel Castellanos, Robert Franklin, Diana Butler Bass, Obery Hendricks, Sister Helen Prejean, Ron Sider, Tony Campolo and others still being added.

And then there’s you! We invite all of you to the fast moving discussion that is spreading across the country and the globe about how faith can change the world. And this will be an open, civil, and inviting discussion that welcomes a real dialogue–one not contained by the failed categories of right and left which have so polarized and paralyzed our public debate. That’s because I find people across the political and religious spectrum who are looking for the “moral center” of our public life, for the moral choices and challenges below the surface of our political debates, for a true “values politics” that challenges the selective moralities of both the right and the left. So welcome to the new town meeting on spirituality and politics, and I hope you will join right in!

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