I went and saw the new movie In Time. It’s a fascination sci-fi. It shows the natural implications of Social Darwinism’s evil ethic of Survival of the fittest. In this marxist/socialistic utopia, government owns business and takes from the poor to give to the corrupt political crony capitalist. Everyone is given one year of time to live after their 25th birthday. You work for time on your clock to live a little longer. The poor usually have less than a day on their alarm clock. The government continues to use inflation to kill off more people. The prices go up almost daily on bus fares, coffee, and daily necessities. The government is able to steal liberty and prosperity from the people by diminishing their currency -which is in this case, their life.

The corrupt government/business crony capitalist feels justified with his ill-gotten gain because of his love for the philosophy of Darwin’s survival of the fittest. His montra, “Many must die so a few can be immortal” is the backbone of every corrupt dictator, socialist, and Marxist over the last two centuries.

The movie ironically blames free market capitalism for the problems of the society when there is no free market to speak of. The issues brought up in the movie and teased out are typical of socialistic societies.

Since the government is unjust and corrupt, the rule of law is no longer valid since you are only “stealing what was stolen from you.” This anarchy type morality sadly raises the Robin Hood ethic to a new high. Sadly, this futuristic society is often the natural backlash to leaving true free market capitalism.

In short, I loved the movie. I might imagine that many who watch it will incorrectly think capitalism is the enemy. The correct interpretation of the facts is easy to see. When government and business get into bed, the poor and middle class are harmed. Central planners use taxation, inflation, and manipulation to control others. This is why God clearly laid out principles of liberty, personal property, and sound money. The Bible is filled with examples of the problems that occur when the rule of law is abandoned. It shows us the problems that occur when dictators think they can overturn personal rights. Herod and Pharoah taxed their people to death. They violated the citizens property rights and both killed off children under two years old. They thought that killing the weak to preserve the stability of their reign was acceptable. Herod and Pharoah were classic evil dictators. The Roman Caesars were the same. History shows that they financed their wars and elite parties on the backs of the poor and middle class. They devalued their currency by subtracting the amount of gold and silver in the coins. This inflation hurt the poor and eventually led to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Europe and America are following the path to Serfdom. We are allowing our liberty to be taken. While the media wants us to demonize elephants or donkeys, the sad reality is that both support the crony capitalism that is in opposition to the moral free market.

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