My son and I are entering a new phase. He’s in seventh grade now. This past week I took him out with an older man in the church to learn how to safely shoot a real gun. In a world of Halo and first person shooting games, boys need men to teach them honor, respect, and godliness.

We shot guns for a few hours. I watched the joy of learning and trying something both dangerous and “adult.”  I love watching another godly man speak into my son’s life about both faith and honor.  I watch my son grow from a little boy to a young man,

This week we also continued part six of our father-son sex talks. Like with my daughter, I am taking him through a book to generate conversation. We are reading Preparing Your Son For Everyman’s Battle. We spoke about body parts, temptations, and why sex need not be an awkward or dirty subject.

We spoke practically about how to keep your eyes pure. The importance of purity, and what to do after you give in to temptation.

We laughed, shared stories, and cleared up some misconceptions. When I gave him some medical names for different body parts and fluids, he stopped me and said… “Oh dad, I just got like 100 jokes, just now that you said that…”

Proverbs encourages sons to listen to fathers. The Proverbs encourages us as dads to speak frankly and regularly with our sons about sex, finances, and faith.

Sex needs to be a topic, not just a talk.

I do premarital counseling with couples and can tell you that 90% of couples I meet with have never had a talk with their parents.  Song of Solomon was a book used by men to teach their young men the truths about sex from God’s perspective.


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