My daughter and son have both done some acting. Nothing big, but a few commercials. They’ve been learning how to be teachable, take direction, and earn money. My son is twelve and my daughter is fourteen. They are both learning how to make money, save money, and give money away. Every time they bring home a paycheck from babysitting, referring, or acting, we take 10% and put it in the giving jar. We take another 10% and put in a saving jar.

Recently, we had a chance to try out the family acting skills for a church video on parenting. I know a guy who had a customized Adam West style Batmobile built for himself. He volunteered to let us use it for the video shoot. It was a childhood dream come true. I remember watching the campy, cheesy TV episodes with “Holy Batman,” utility belts, and KaZoowee fight scenes.

As the Batmobile pulled up to the church…there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write…I was shocked that the car’s turbo actually shot out fire! Wow! I called my son’s school and told them I needed him to meet me outside the front door after lunch. I drove from the video shoot and surprised him by picking him up for lunch in the Batmobile.  It was fun.  It was a great family memory and a chance for us to do ministry together. It also reminded me that parenting can be a challenge, but it can also be fun. Kids need parents who teach them to laugh, work, save, and give generously. Here is the final product, the video of me, The CHAD-MAN.


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