Last week it was reports that 8 of 10 college graduates will come home to live with mom and dad.  Summer unemployment for teenagers and summer workers was up to 25%.

How do we help prepare our kids for the new reality of the work force?

1. Start Job Experience Early

My son began his first job as referee for soccer this year.  He is both increasing the practical experience on the resume, plus learning how to make money, listen to those in authority, and manage his money.   My daughter began volunteering this summer in a field she hopes to get a job in, in the next few years.  Experience is more important than ever.   Employers are not convinced of the so-called recovery.  I spoke with a small business owner last week who said, “I don’t care what they say, I don’t see a recovery out there.

This small business owner shared with me that his company has learned to work more efficiently with less overhead. They’ve coped with the new reality with less people, more efficient processes, and new strategies.  He told me that even if the recovery was real, his company wouldn’t be hiring because they found ways to work better with less.

This reality is the creative destruction that is capitalism coping with the creative destruction of market forces and government bureaucratic “helping” of the economy.  As Republicans and Democrats inflate our currency, enslave us to debt, and borrow from other nations, it’s the “regular Joe’s” who feel the pain.

This week brings more data to support my friend’s gut instinct that “all is not well” on the economic Horizon.

Job experience early is a must. Start with volunteering and fill the resume with productive work experience with your kids.

2. Teach Children How to Work Hard and Give Generously

The job market is tough. With so many resumes per job, we need our children’s work ethic and excellence to rise to the top.  The days of “do you have a college degree? Great, We’ll hire you” are a distant memory.   Companies are looking for productivity.  “How can you make this company more productive?” is the question bosses’ are asking.     Teach your children how to be productive and “speak” in the language of productivity.  Teach them how to sell their unique skills and work ethic to ensure an employer that it will improve the bottom line in the company.

Teach your kids to give generously early.  I have three jars set out for my kids.  They earn money for jobs, allowance, and chores. They put 10% in a jar of tithe. 10% in a jar for saving. And  then are allowed to spend the other 80%.   Find creative ways to teach giving to your children. Here is a clip of a technique I used.

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