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With Election Day finally having come and gone, God-o-Meter is closing up shop till 2012–or at least 2010. Till then, get your faith and politics fix over at Beliefnet editor-in-chief Steve Waldman’s blog.

The first priorities for Barack Obama’s administration will be the economy and a variety of foreign policy issues. But the burgeoning religious left, which worked so hard to get Obama elected, expects some movement on its issues, including a robust […]

God-o-Meter wrote a piece for today’s Roll Call on the vindication of Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean’s much-derided 50-State Strategy, which is largely about reaching out to the nation’s more religious voters in the red states: Years before Barack […]

For all the time, money, and effort that Democrats and their liberal allies spent trying to move the faithful into their column–particularly the white faithful–it seems that they have relatively little to show for it, despite Obama’s decisive victory. Yes, […]

Responding to GOM’s earlier post wondering whether the religious left would take too much credit for Obama’s gains among the faithful, given that the economy was the primary motivator, Faith in Public Life’s Kristin Williams writes: Saw your post on […]

(6:41) Like God-o-Meter was saying earlier, the Democrats’ likely gains among various faith constituencies were probably aided by Democratic/progressive faith outreach, but the economy is the main driver. Early AP exit polls: Economy most important issue: Six in 10 voters […]

The progressive religious group Faith in Public Life is sending this memo (below) ’round to journalists and talking heads in anticipation of Obama’s expected gains among several important faith communities today. God-o-Meter agrees with the likely trends that Faith in […]

Family Research Council Action has this last-minute ad running in Virginia, where polls show Barack Obama a few points up, hitting Obama for declining to oppose partial birth abortion in Illinois. For all of the candidates’–and the electorate’s–focus on economic […]

Honestly, God-o-Meter is shocked that state Republican parties have been so deferntial until now in honoring John McCain’s request that they refrain from making such Wright-centric ads. Was that a courtesy on McCain’s part? Or more evidence of discomfort discussing matters […]

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole’s challenger Kay Hagan has create a new ad called “Belief” in response to Dole’s “Godless” spot, which attacked Hagan for attending a fundraiser connected to someone who is connected to an atheist group.This is a very […]