Inspired by conservative Christian radio host Janet Porter’s (formerly Janet Folger) recent newscast from the day after President Obama’s inauguration, Focus on the Family Action has sent a 16-page letter to constituents from the year 2012, recapping Obama’s first term. People for the American Way, an anti-Christian Right group, has some details on its blog.Here’s Focus on the Family Action video about the project: Here’s the Janet Porter newscast from the future:This is all intended to counter the rigorous Obama outreach effort. Interesting to note that it’s all anti-Obama, rather than pro-McCain (or pro-Palin). That says a lot about how scared the Christian Right is about an Obama presidency–as opposed to being excited about a McCain White House. The movement is totally on the defensive. What a dramatic change from four years ago, when the Christian Right was so hopeful about what it might accomplish in a second Bush White House, including conservative appointments to the Supreme Court and a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. GOM can’t help but wonder if the movement now regrets undermining McCain earlier, with James Dobson vowing to oppose him at all costs (he’s changed his tune since).Now, McCain doesn’t look so bad after all. But it’s very late in the game to start making that case.8

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