October 2008 Archives

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole’s challenger Kay Hagan has create a new ad called “Belief” in response to Dole’s “Godless” spot, which attacked Hagan for attending a fundraiser connected to someone who is connected to an atheist group.This is a very […]

The “Godless” ad that U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole is running against her Democratic challenger in North Carolina is a stark reminder that faith-based attacks have been kept to a relative minimum in the presidential race. It’s also a reminder, to […]

David Brody has the scoop on Christian lit the McCain camp is distributing to churches across the country. The document is framed as a voting guide to the hot button social issues: abortion, gay marriage, judges, sex education, school choice. […]

Notice how so much political reporting these days about the future of the Republican Party is about the God Gap between religious conservatives and the rest of the party? Much of it hinges on the fact that Sarah Palin has […]

Like God-o-Meter said yesterday, the GOP’s God Gap problem is not necessarily that the party’s religious conservatives and more secular moderates are drifting further apart. It’s that there’s a shortage of figures who can unify those two wings going forward. […]

A reader, Mark G, responds to God-o-Meter’s New York Daily News piece about the growing God Gap between religious conservatives and the more secular establishment of the Republican Party: This post does not provide any solid reason to think the […]

Months after rolling out pages for “American Indians for McCain and “Arab Americans for McCain,” the McCain camp has added an “Americans of Faith” page to its web site. Not much to the page, just short explanations–none more than 105 […]

It’s 8 days before Election Day and the GOP’s pastor-in-chief, Mike Huckabee, is emailing constituents with a fundraising pitch that’s silent on the party’s presidential nominee, not a good sign for McCain: I want you to help me reach our […]

The faith-based pro-Obama PAC Matthew 25 Network has posted its rejoinder to Focus on the Family’s letter from 2012, which looked back on what Focus considers a disastrous Obama first term.Matthew 25 is also out with two Christian radio ads, […]

This piece originally ran at New York Daily News online: In the 2004 election, the pattern of religious voters supporting George W. Bush and secular voters backing John Kerry was so stark that it introduced a new term to the […]