youngevangelicals.jpgThe AP is reporting that Sarah Palin isn’t the hit among younger evangelicals that she is among their parents. It cites some anecdotal evidence from interviews, but there are some big caveats:

Polls have yet to measure the Palin Effect on younger evangelical voters, whose shifting political allegiances put the demographic in play for both major-party presidential campaigns.
But a portrait emerges through interviews with more than a dozen pastors, authors and others who either belong to that generation or track it: Conservatives are energized much like their elders, progressives are unimpressed and many undecideds are gravitating toward McCain-Palin.

So conservative and undecided evangelicals are breaking for McCain and liberals are tilting toward Obama? No headline there.
God-o-Meter is eager to see how younger evangelicals vote this November.
But it’s also wary of the media narrative about mass evangelical defections from the GOP, since most polls just don’t bear that out. Plus, because exit polls have not traditionally broken out young evangelicals into their own demographic group, will we even know if there’s been a political shift among young evangelicals?


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