September 2008 Archives

In response to God-o-Meter’s interview with former Reagan/Bush White House counsel Douglas Kmiec (pictured) about his new pro-Obama book Can A Catholic Support Him?, National Right to Life Legislative Director Douglas Johnson posted a long critique in the comments section. […]

God-o-Meter caught up this week with Richard Cizik, chief lobbyist for the National Association of Evangelicals, the nation’s largest evangelical organization. Cizik made news earlier in the week in Colorado Springs for questioning whether John McCain was a “principled person” […]

Family Research Council Action is alerting constituents that a senior Barack Obama advisor on religious issues bowed out of a high-profile debate with a counterpart from the McCain campaign yesterday: People hoping for a lively discussion on faith and values […]

Since 2004, Democrats have been working to frame economic concerns as values issues. A good example was the wave of state ballot initiatives to raise the minimum wage in 2006, in which liberal religious groups played a leading role. That […]

A new NBC News poll puts Obama within 3 points of McCain in increasingly purple Virginia. But Virginian/McCain backer Jerry Falwell has a plan to get his 10,500 Lynchburg-based students to the polls: To make sure students don’t have any […]

Douglas Kmiec, legal counsel to President Reagan and George H.W. Bush and former dean of Catholic University, is out with a new book, Can a Catholic Support Him? Asking the Big Questions about Barack Obama (read an excerpt). Kmiec talked […]

God-o-Meter first noticed it around the time of Rick Warren’s Saddleback Civil Forum John McCain and Barack Obama last month, when Warren talked about wanting to get a sense of the candidates’ “world views.” World view. It’s certainly not a […]

The faith-based pro-Obama PAC The Matthew 25 Network is hosting a press conference call this afternoon announcing a new Christian radio ad in Ohio. Watch it here: What jumps out to God-o-Meter: 1. The narrator of the ad, former Ohio […]

In 2004, Christianity Today couldn’t get the John Kerry campaign to return its phone calls. Today, by contrast, the Obama campaign has sent out an invitation to religion reporters in Washington, DC attending the annual Religion Newsriters Association conference to […]

The Obama campaign is crowing to God-o-Meter about its uptick in white Catholic support in the Quinnipiac poll released yesterday. The poll had Obama ahead 51-42 among white Catholics, a turnaround from last month, when the Q poll gave McCain […]