mccainwarren.jpgThe reviews from Christian Right leaders on John McCain’s Saddleback performance are in, and the Arizona senator gets major props from a crowd that has frequently pilloried him.
The Politico prints glowing quotes Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, the Southern Baptist Convention’s Richard Land, and a slew of lower-level Christian Right activists

McCain’s performance on Saturday night was no doubt trophy worthy. But part of his secret has been setting a really low bar among conservative evangelical leaders.
Now it appears McCain is ratcheting down that bar again by floating the possibility of a pro-choice running mate, either Tom Ridge or Joe Lieberman. The experts are saying this is just a ploy to thrill social conservatives with his eventual announcement of a pro-life veep.
Yes, this expectations-exceeding game works with the Christian Right activist set, but what about with rank-and-file social conservatives? Will their hearts likely to beat faster each time McCain clears his low bar? Or are they more likely to be demoralized by McCain setting so many low bars in the first place?


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