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Two pieces today combat this week’s Washington Times piece about the threat of Mitt Romney giving evangelicals more agita should John McCain draft him as a running mate. The first, a Politico story headlined “Romney could lift McCain in West” […]

The Charlie Rose Show just posted video of its interview yesterday with Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, who’s on Obama’s very short list of possible running mates. Watch it, particularly from the 15 to 30-minute marks, and you’ll see that a […]

A Quinnipiac poll out today shows that the presidential race is surprisingly tight in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, given the unpopularity of President and lingering anti-Republican sentiment. One of Obama’s biggest vulnerabilities: white Catholics. These are many of the same […]

David Brody has the scoop: The Brody File has learned that the Obama campaign met with over 30 House members and senior staff this morning to strategize on Obama’s faith outreach strategy this fall. A meeting participant tells The Brody […]

Evangelicals were famously divided ruing this year’s Republican primaries–the New York Times dubbed it an “evangelical crackup–but the most viscous divisions were between those supporting Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney. Huck’s evangelical forces saw Romney as the ultimately opportunist, converting […]

That’s what the influential conservative Catholic group Fidelis says in a press release it put out, responding to news today that Obama’s short list for running mates is mostly Catholic. Here’s Fidelis’s reasoning (read the full press release): Catholic voters […]

The American Prospect’s Tapped blogger Sarah Posner takes God-o-Meter to task for a recent post analyzing John Hagee’s vow never to endorse another presidential candidate–and the enthusiastic applause the lined garnered from a packed auditorium of evangelicals. GOM said this […]

The Democrats succeeding in closing the gap among what Democratic National Committee pollster Cornell Belcher calls “values-first voters” from 30 points in 2004 to around 10 points in 2006. It was a major factor behind the Democrats’ congressional takeover. True, […]

From today’s Washington Post: Kaine and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius are the only state leaders believed to be under serious consideration, sources close to Obama said. As in Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine. As in serious consideration to be Obama’s Number […]

Newsmax says so, channeling National Review’s Mark Hemingway from last week. Hemingway makes a pretty convincing case. It’s deep in the ’08 cycle. Obama’s been trying like mad to reach white evangelicals and other religious constituencies for a year and […]