pawlenty.jpgMinnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, on John McCain’s short list of potential running mates, might have upped his chances of getting the nod by doing what McCain won’t: going on the Christian Broadcasting Network and talking about his faith in Jesus. Here’s one exchange from Pawlenty’s interview with David Brody:

Brody: “Talk to me a little bit about your faith walk a little bit. I know your faith is very important to you and I don’t think people get a chance to hear that as often as they might like especially an Evangelical audience if you will.”
Governor Tim Pawlenty: “As a person, I am defined by my commitment to Christ and people always say well there is an official role and there is but I don’t think people in public life should shy away from sharing their faith perspective because it informs others about their value system and what they believe and who they are and so I am a committed Christian and I am someone who is proud to say that my value system, my beliefs are shaped my faith and my faith in Christ and I think that is informative for people to know and I’m not bashful about that.”

Pawlenty also discusses McCain’s plans to speak more to evangelical concerns as the race progresses.


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