The Huffington Post is steering readers to new video of John Hagee (below)–the Texas evangelist whose John McCain endorsement generated controversy because of Hagee’s past anti-Catholic statements–that’s sure to raise some eyebrows. Sure, Hagee’s not McCain’s regular pastor, so he’s not the Republican equivalent of Jeremiah Wright. But here are some quotes from Hagee’s sermon:

–“America has become a pagan society.”–“When a school teacher cannot refer to the Ten Commandments on the wall but can command your child to read Harry Potter, which is nothing but a precursor of witchcraft, we’re going in the wrong direction here…. When the Boy Scouts of America are censored and penalized for refusing to accept homosexual scout leaders, we are a pagan nation where we’re rebirthing Sodom and Gomorrah!”–“Your daughter can get an abortion in public school without telling you but she can’t get an aspirin without your approval.”

No, he’s not the Republican Wright, but should McCain nonetheless be expected to disown Hagee for such talk? So far, McCain’s continued to say that he’s happy to have Hagee’s support, even if he regretted seeking his endorsement (no, you’re not the only one confused about that).The video, whose poster has little information on when it was taped. Thanks to Spiritual Politics for the tip. Here ’tis:7

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