scotus.jpgReader Paul Shiras writes:

When the “Chosen” Right-wing Republicans controlled the Senate, House and the White House, they did nothing! Don’t expect that McCain, who is no different on the religious issues than Obama or Clinton, will be a Savior. Face it, the Moral agenda of Focus on the Family has lost in the Political arena.

God-o-Meter responds: Wouldn’t the pro-life McCain, who has called for the overturn of Roe v. Wade, be much more likely than Obama or Clinton to appoint a conservative anti-Roe justice to the Supreme Court? And isn’t that the Christian’s Right’s top concern/goal?

You can allege that Focus on the Family’s agenda lost in the political arena even when the GOP controlled all branches of government–there were no constitutional amendments banning gay marriage or abortion–but that across-the-board control is what got John Roberts and Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court. And that’s what led to the Supreme Court’s upholding the Partial Birth Abortion Act last year. With one more conservative appointment, the high court could overturn Roe. That’s how McCain can become the Christian Right’s savior.


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