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In a sign of the intensifying battle for Catholic voters between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, particularly ahead of next month’s Pennsylvania primary, both candidates have brought Catholic outreach coordinators aboard their campaigns, God-o-Meter has learned. Just last week, Obama’s […]

Here’s what James Dobson said about John McCain early last month: Should Sen. McCain capture the nomination as many assume, I believe this general election will offer the worst choices for president in my lifetime. I certainly can’t vote for […]

There’s been some squawking from the chattering classes about the challenge this presents Obama, but God-o-Meter is shocked that so few Americans hold the mistaken belief that Obama is Muslim, given the virulence of the false rumor campaign against him. […]

In the current issue of The New Republic, Dayo Olopade makes a convincing case that Rev. Jeremiah Wright won’t be keeping a low-profile all the way through Election Day for a pretty simple reason: he’s too self-absorbed to go so […]

Faithful God-o-Meter reader Paul Shiras writes about the Wright/Obama controversy: Can we give this a rest? When I challenged my pastor over things he said from the pulpit, I was sanctioned by the church board. Let’s talk about the issues […]

In an interview today on The View, Barack Obama said he would’ve left his church had Rev. Jeremiah Wright not retired from the pulpit last year: “Had the reverend not retired and had he not acknowledged that what he had […]

Responding to a post on Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jules writes: “I think Barack Obama has given us a great opportunity to discuss faith and race in America…. the Wright issue underscores how divided we are racially in our Sunday worship.” […]

Say you’re campaigning for president in Pennsylvania, where Catholics constitute roughly a third of the Democratic electorate, and a Gallup poll shows you badly trailing your rival among Catholic voters. You just lost Catholic voters by nearly two-two-one in Ohio. […]

So you thought that the brouhaha over Jeremiah Wright–the biggest crisis of his campaign till now–would have Obama dialing back some of his church talk? It’s not happening. On his first day back on the campaign trail after vacation, Obama […]

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