huckabee15.jpgAs if it were needed, more documentation of Mike Huckabee’s failure to break out of his conservative evangelical base, by way of The Washington Post:

Since a surprising win in Iowa, Huckabee has failed to win a primary or caucus, and he has not been able to demonstrate that he can expand his support beyond the evangelicals who powered his win in Iowa and his second-place finish in South Carolina. And in states such as Florida and Michigan, he ran even with Romney, who is a Mormon, among evangelicals.

“I’ve always known that evangelicals are not a monolithic vote,” Huckabee said. “I’m maybe one of the few that knows because I am one. . . . Evangelicals are like everybody else, they’re evangelicals and those issues are important to them, but maybe they’re evangelical and union members and they vote union before they vote gay marriage.”
….After Iowa, Huckabee aides had hoped to use that victory as a springboard to raise $10 million before Super Tuesday, funds they planned to use to hire additional staff in key states and run television ads. But hopes that the money spigot would be turned on — and that party establishment figures would flock to his candidacy — were all predicated on a win in South Carolina.
Huckabee aides were in tears as the results rolled in showing a second-place finish in South Carolina, and a campaign that had raised only $9 million in 2007 laid off staff the next day, dropped plans to air ads in Florida and was dogged by rumors that Huckabee would not compete in the Sunshine State. The campaign was still able to air ads in some of the Southern states that will vote Tuesday but has struggled to raise $5 million before that most important day.


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