romney14.jpgEchoing Hot Air’s response to God-o-Meter’s op-ed on the Christian Right’s failure to help its favored candidate, Mitt Romney, by candidly discussing his Mormonism, conservative Idaho blogger Adam Graham says:

I’ve always looked at a person’s values, not their particular faith, in choosing a candidate.
This is why I’m so offended at the suggestion of Dan Gilgoff in USA Today that the reason that Mitt Romney lost is because we Evangelicals just couldn’t bring ourselves to vote for a Mormon. I’ve followed the national conversation among Conservative Christians about Mitt Romney. Little of it centered on his Mormonism, much more on the fact of his shift on the issues.

At the risk of being redundant, God-o-Meter again cites the recent analysis by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life about evangelical hang-ups over Mormon candidates:

[T]he group of Americans most likely to say they value religiosity in a president – white evangelical Protestants – is also the group most apt to be bothered by his religion. More than one-in-three evangelical Republicans (36%) expressed reservations about voting for a Mormon, a level of opposition much higher than that seen among the electorate overall.

In light of those numbers, God-o-Meter has trouble believing that Graham is really offended by the suggestion that Mitt Romney’s Mormonism deterred a fair number evangelicals from backing him.


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